Axcess Industries performs heavy machine moving using air pressure!

Using a cushion of air to move a heavy machine from point A to point B was something only dreamed about.  Axcess Industries millwright and rigging crew recently moved 3 our manufacturing customer’s 28,000-pound machines that were located on their manufacturing floor. The rigging and moving of our customer’s machines was performed using the Aero-Go Air Caster Rigging System which has been a vital addition to our extensive rigging and machine moving equipment.  The machines were very easily moved out of the building and were then loaded onto flatbeds for shipment to Canada.  Our customer’s recognize that traditional industrial rigging and moving equipment can easily damage their expensive floors in their manufacturing facilities.  With the air caster rigging system, this problem does not exist!

The Aero-Go system uses air pressure to lift and move equipment and is the right choice of rigging equipment to use in many manufacturing facilities. If your company is discussing purchasing new equipment to bring into your facility or want a price quotation for moving existing equipment without damaging your floors, please contact the Sales Department at Axcess Industries by dialing 610-916-3943 or contact us by email at

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