Axcess Industries Industrial Millwrights

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Millwright 80 feet in the air servicing a feed mill in Delaware
Millwright dressed in his Personal Protective Equipment at food production facility










Axcess Industries Industrial Division’s millwrights work all over the country providing their trades to our customers in various industrial settings. For example, one day they are 80 feet in the air working on our customer’s feed mill equipment and changing out a defective motor and the next day they are on site at our customer’s baking facility removing and replacing their baking oven chains. Axcess Industries welcomes new customers! Contact us at 610-916-3943 to discuss what type of work you need done and we will happily furnish you and your company with a formal quotation. Axcess Industries is also an ISNetworld Member Contractor and Browz Member Contractor.   You can also contact us using our email address

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